Health Care is the number 1 cause of death in America!

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Is Your Health Care System Killing You?

Cause of Death Deaths Cost Author
Pharmaceuticals 106,000 $12 billion Lazarou1 Suh49
Medical error 98,000 $2 billion IOM6
Bedsores while hospitalized 115,000 $55 billion Xakellis7 Barczak8
Infection while hospitalized 88,000 $5 billion Weinstein9 MMWR10
Malnutrition while hospitalized 108,800 ———– Nurses Coalition11
Outpatient Drug reactions 199,000 $77 billion Starfield12 Weingart112
Unnecessary Procedures 37,136 $122 billion HCUP3, 13
Surgery-Related 32,000 $9 billion AHRQ85
ANNUAL TOTAL 783,936Deaths! $282 billionDollars!

Does this sound like health care to you?

Statistics by: By Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD
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Our Synthetic Health Care System…

 KT Botanicals

 Our Synthetic Health Care System…

     Synthetic pharmaceuticals tend to treat one health condition but often produce many other health conditions due to a vast array of side effects.  Lets take the hypothetical situation of Mary, a young energetic professional who is a healthy, happy, 36 year old woman.  Mary goes to the doctor because her stomach is bothering her lately. The doctor diagnosis her with acid reflux and prescribes her Zantac 150, rather than telling her to stop eating Habanero peppers. A few weeks go by and Mary’s stomach is doing much better thanks to the Zantac, however, now she begins getting achy joints late in the evening, a common side effect of antacids. She goes back to the doctor and explains her situation that her stomach is better, but now her joints ache at night. The doctor prescribes Celebrex for the achy joints. A few weeks go by and Mary’s stomach is still doing better, her joints are no longer aching, however NOW she begins having slight chest pains while going on her nightly walk. The chest pains make it difficult to breath at times and Mary is concerned , so she goes back to the doctor to question whether or not these pills are the cause of her symptoms. The doctor responds with, “well if Celebrex gives you chest pains, then lets try XXXX and see if that works better for you.” Mary tries the new pills and instead of having chest pains, she now has irritable bowel syndrome. You get the picture…     

     Mary, who was otherwise healthy before taking the prescribed medicines, goes to the doctor and tells him that she doesn’t want to take any of these pills anymore due to all of the accumulated unpleasant side effects she is experiencing. The doctor responds “Mary, if you refuse to follow my advice as a medical doctor, I cannot be held accountable for your health and well being. Additionally, your insurance company may no longer cover you because you are a liability if you don’t follow my advice.” Mary is now stuck with quite a dilemma; continue on the prescription rat-wheel, or find her self uninsured with newly acquired medical problems. She asks about herbal alternatives to the pharmaceuticals she is currently prescribed and the doctor explains that there are currently no herbal medicines in the United States which are currently prescribed and FDA approved and therefore he cannot even recommend that she take them for fear of losing his license to practice medicine.           Pharmaceuticals are FDA approved if they have reasonable safety profiles. Safety is determined through years of phase I and phase II clinical trials etc.. However, these drugs are not approved in combination with other FDA approved medicines! This is a little known fact. I will say it again, FDA APPROVED PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS ARE NOT FDA APPROVED TO BE COMBINED WITH OTHER FDA APROVED PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS. By taking multiple prescription medicines you are becoming the pharmaceutical companies’ guinea pigs when testing the safety profiles of these drugs. Look at the popular diet pill Fen-Phen, an amphetamine like drug mixed with an SSRI type drug to calm the jitteriness of the amphetamines. The FDA, insurance companies, and doctors alike, knew that this combination was never tested for safety. Nor was either drug ever tested or approved for long term use. It wasn’t even proven to keep weight off after the patient stopped taking this addictive, dangerous “medicine”. Yet the FDA, turned its head knowing that it was the top prescription weight loss pill of the time. Many died, many more were injured. Billions were made.          Pharmaceuticals kill over 150,000 people in this country (America) every year and result in nearly 1 million cases of serious injury. These 150,000 victims trusted their doctors to provide professional health care and abide by the Hippocratic oath, and died because of it. This figure also does not take into account the millions of elderly (the highest population of elderly that America has ever experienced), who are in nursing homes on several “medicines” to extend the quality of their lives. Many of these folks got onto the prescription rat-wheel years ago and are taking several medicines to counteract the effects of other medicines. The combination of all of the drugs plus old age, only worsens their memory, vision, and mobility problems. Try taking any combination of 6 prescriptions every day and see how you feel. That’s one hell of a way to treat America’s elders after they are no longer economically viable to support the economy with their labor and taxes; leach their money slowly with medicines that promise to better their quality of life while they die slowly and painfully, in a confused and lonely state in a nursing home.          There are over 12 million prescription drug abusers in this country, and that number rises every day. The new gateway drug for children and teenagers can no longer be pinned upon cannabis; according to recent studies, prescription medicines from mom and dad’s medicine cabinet are the new gateway drug. And its no wonder. The average American receives one new prescription every month and a half. 9 prescriptions a year due to the “prescribe and see” method of healthcare. This leaves quite an excess of pills laying around the house for youngsters to experiment with.

          Lets now take a look at the system of distribution. The doctors, sadly enough, have lost their rights to properly lend medical care to their patients. I say this because certain health care plans only prescribe certain medicines due to the kickbacks they receive from large pharmaceutical companies as incentives to recommend only their drugs. Additionally, the average pharmaceutical rep has an allowance, on average of $10,000 per doctor for a marketing budget. This includes anything from lunches to fancy trips to Hawaii that the drug companies hold to “educate” doctors on their products. Basically a doctor goes to the seminar and learns how to prescribe the medicine for an hour and the rest of the time, they drink and play golf. $10,000 per rep, per doctor, per drug, per company. That’s a lot of incentives for the doctor to simply sign a piece of paper. Now the insurance company, they will only cover certain drugs as well, often the cheapest for them, and not necessarily the most safe or most effective. Additionally, the FDA is under heavy pressure from pharmaceutical companies to hurry their drugs though the trials process. At millions of dollars per trial, you better believe they want to run as many drugs through the process as possible.
          Lastly, you would think that with all of the miracles of modern medicine that these companies could come up with medicines that don’t  have side effects, are not  addictive, and don’t  have terrible withdrawl symptoms after you stop taking them. Its intentional. Take Adderall for example. A child has a hard time concentrating, so he/she  is diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall, a time released amphetamine. After a few weeks, the child’s grades improve, he/she  is focused, and doing much “better”. When its time for the checkup, the doctor is told about the positive progress and this justifies his diagnosis of attention deficit disorder and warrants the continuous prescribing of amphetamines to the child.   When the child does not take the medicine for a week at summer camp, the child is irritable, tired, and disruptive and as a result, gets kicked out of camp. These withdrawal symptoms also justify the doctor’s diagnosis and prescription of the pills. What is not taken into consideration is that ANYONE who takes amphetamines can focus better, perform better, and feel darn good doing it. ANYONE who stops taking amphetamines will undergo serious withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, inability to focus etc.. So in this way, once prescribed, there is no way for the medicine not to work, or for the doctor’s diagnosis to be incorrect.


So we can see here that your health is not in the hands of doctors who have undergone rigorous training to attain the title of M.D. Nor is your health in the hands of the FDA or your insurance company. Folks, your health is in the hands business men with Doctorate degrees in business, not medicine.  KT Botanicals is dedicated to educating the public about alternative medicines and provides highly effective, low cost, herbal products to anyone who wishes to rid themselves of the toxic, synthetic, health care system that is currently in place in America and many other countries.

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